Hiro Hayami

速水 ヒロ

Hiro Hayami is a young man enrolled at Edel Rose who aims to become an idol. Self-centered, many of his sweet words towards girls are covered in lies. He will do anything to achieve his goals, including stealing and trickery. He has a near-obsession with Kouji, and almost debuted as an idol alongside him. Bell is one of the only people who understands his twisted personality. He was redeemed during his final concert when he admitted he stole Kouji's song due to Jin's influence and the debt he owns to Edel Rose. Tried to quit Prism Shows as punishment for his actions but was stopped by his fans. At the end of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live he formed the unit Over The Rainbow with Kazuki and Kouji. In King of Prism: Birthday: October 10. Blood type: AB The absolute idol who proudly has an overwhelming female popularity. His fans have a habit of bringing a yellow rose to his concerts and fill the venue with them.