Hiro Kunimi


The protagonist, Hiro initially escaped to Senkawa in order to forget baseball. After his elbow was properly diagnosed, he strove to strengthen the newly created Senkawa baseball team as its star pitcher. Hiro was responsible for introducing Hikari to Hideo. Although he throws a good fastball, he has less control over his forkballs. However, since his failed forkballs turn out to be fastballs, it leads to a degree of unpredictability in his pitches. He has also developed a high-speed slider that may only be caught by a professional level catcher. He has belated romantic feelings for his childhood friend, Hikari Amamiya. (Birthday: January 16 (was retconned by author from January 28 to fit plot purposes)[Volume 20, Chapter 190, P.3]) [source: wikipedia.org]