Hiroomi Nase

名瀬 博臣

Birthday: July 21 Age: 18 Height: 178 cm Blood type: B Occupation: 3rd year High School Student Affiliation: Literary Club Hiroomi Nase is the eldest son of the famous "spiritwolders" Nase family and Mitsuki's elder brother. He is a third year high school student. It appears that something happened between Hiroomi and Akihito in the past, but now they are on such good terms that they can joke around with each other. He loves his sister a lot and tries to protect her from harm. Although the siblings may bicker with each other, they always reconcile. He has a huge sister complex. Due to his barrier powers, he is extremely sensitive to cold, and is almost always seen wearing a muffler or scarf. (Sources: Official website, Wikipedia)