Hiroshi Yagyuu

柳生 比呂士

Also Known As:

  • The Gentleman

Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chuu 3rd Year Class: 3-A #20 Birthday: 19th October (Libra) Height: 177cm Weight: 64kg Blood Type: A Dominant Hand: Right Play Style: Serve and Volley Shoes: DUNLOP PRS-300DG (ADFORCE) Racket: DUNLOP ADFORCE M1 TOUR Favourite Food: Soba Hobby: Reading (Detective novels) Family: Grandather, Father, Mother, Younger Sister Father's occupation: Doctor Favourite Subject: He's good at every subject Often visited place in school: student council room Favourite Colour: Green Preferred type: Pure and innocent; ones whom study hard Yagyuu Hiroshi is a very tenacious player, because despite of his calm and composed appearance lies a strong aim to win at any game. He is the other half of the (still undefeated) Rikkai's Doubles 1. Before the Nationals, Yagyuu also paired up with Seigaku's Kaidou Kaoru on an unofficial match against a school that specialized on collecting rival schools' data.