Hiroto Minaka

御中 広人

Also Known As:

  • Professor

Hiroto Minaka is the eccentric chairman and founder of MBI, with his motto being: "Fight and Fight Until One is Left". He, along with Takami, discovered the Sekirei and because of this, he feels that this entitles him to be the "Game Master" of the Sekirei Plan. Takami states that he has always been thought of as a "super genius", but in reality, she thinks that he is insane and his actions throughout the story seem to support this. It is hinted by Seo that he might have had something to due with Takehito's death, or at the very least, did nothing to prevent it. In chapter 100 of the manga, it is revealed that Minaka is the illegitimate father of Minato, but only because Takami refuses to allow him into her family. He has expressed that he still wants to be a family with Takami and is currently giving Minato a chance to save Chiho if he can play a game by bringing Chiho to MBI headquarters.