Hisa Takei

竹井 久

Also Known As:

  • Hisa Ueno

A third year student and the president of the Kiyosumi Mahjong Club. She is also the president of the Student Congress Coucil at Kiyosumi High School, heavily emphasizing the "Congress" part of the name. A very intelligent and confident girl, she is able to effectively read the weaknesses and strengths of people, inside and outside of Mahjong, and apparently is a seasoned veteran of Mahjong, even to the point of being on friendly terms with a Professional Mahjong player. She is also able to comprehend concepts quicker than most, the most prominent example being that she mostly, if not fully, understood what was going on behind Touka's misplays against Momoko in the finals sooner than most of her fellow players. Her playstyle revolves around taking chances; while risky, she takes her time, waiting for effective hands that often come out of nowhere, surprising her opponents and taking advantage of their cautious play-style. She always takes in the flow of the game in stride, finding opportunities in what other players may find to be dead-end scenarios. Despite the risks she takes, she prefers to play this way, believing it to truly reflect who she is and that she wins more easily when betting against the odds.