Also Known As:

  • Code:01
  • Ace

An Ex-Code: Breaker, the former Code: 01 who was greatly respected by his comrades and subordinates, namely Oogami and Kanda. He is "lackadaisical and never gives a straight answer" according to Oogami. His power is electricity, which can be used to manipulate people. As Code: 01, Hitomi was greatly frustrated by the "non-existent" nature of the Code:Breakers, how they risked their lives fighting evil and yet died unrecognized. He left Eden, and later returned to kidnap Prime Minister Fujiwara (Toki's and Nenene's father) in a plan to publicly execute him, hoping to gain acknowledgement for the Code:Breaker's sacrifices. His plans were thwarted by the Code:Breakers, and he died in his Code:End—the eventual death guaranteed to all Code: Breakers in return for their powers.