Hitomi Hitoyoshi

人吉 瞳

Also Known As:

  • Licensed Black Jack
  • Psychosomatic Surgeon

Zenkichi's mother, a doctor who studied and identified abnormalities in young children. Like her son, she is a caring individual and loves her son a great deal. She is well respected by Medaka and many others. Hitomi is effortlessly able to make Medaka dress more conservatively. Having recognized the danger of Misogi Kumagawa, Hitomi has been tracking his movements since childhood, though has failed to stop him. With Kumagawa's appearance at Hakoniwa, she enrolls as a student and enters Zenkichi's class, much to his embarrassment and dismay. Hitomi resembles a twelve-year-old girl, which resulted in Akune initially mistaking her as Zenkichi's younger sister. Despite her appearance, she is a master of Savate and adept with fighting with needles, marking pins, and surgical thread; she is surprisingly able to hold her own against Misogi Kumagawa. Ten years later, Hitomi works with Aoki at the rebuilt Hakoniwa General Hospital. (Source: Medaka Box Wikia)