Holly Kuujou

空条 ホリィ

Also Known As:

  • Holy Joestar
  • Holly Kujo
  • Holly Joestar
  • Seiko

The daughter of Joseph Joestar and Suzie Q, and mother of Joutarou Kuujou. Formerly Holly Joestar, she moved to Japan at some point in time and has lived there since for twenty years. She later met and married Sadao Kuujou, a Japanese jazz musician and Joutarou's father. She also goes by the name Seiko (��) in Japan as it is a direct translation of her English name. After her father's arrival and with her son "freed" from jail, Holy soon learns of the vampire Dio's resurrection and his possession of her great-grandfather's (Jonathan Joestar) body. This eventually leads to the awakening of her unnamed Stand. Although most Stands are used for fighting, this Stand worked against Holly's gentle, non-violent soul and slowly made her ill, nearly ending her life. It takes on the form of vines with roses, very much similar to her father Joseph Joestar's Stand Hermit Purple. Her ailing condition later becomes the catalyst for Joutarou and company's quest to Egypt. After Dio's defeat, she is last seen as finally cured of her sickness, and awaiting her family's safe return home. (Source: Wikipedia)