Holy Roman Empire


Germania’s grandson who was in love with Italy (then Chibitalia), for he thought that Italy was a girl. For a while, he lived with Austria, Hungary, and Italy. It was then that he made the decision to try and get Italy to form a new Roman Empire with him. Italy, however, refused, claiming that he didn’t want Holy Rome to end up beaten and fatally wounded like his grandfather. After entering into the Thirty Years War, he disappeared and believed to have died. Beforehand, he said his goodbyes to Italy, who gave him his panties (which was changed to a deck brush in the anime adaptation) to remember him by. The two never met again, but Hidekaz Himaruya promised a happy ending to their story (which has not yet been revealed). Holy Rome was pretty strong, but had an extremely weak constitution. His love for Italy was so great, that his empire crumbled and he didn’t even care. He was shown as being short tempered, but kind when he wanted to be. As far as skills went, he lacked any sense of artistic ability, but was very smart (apparently, Austria had him studying all the time). According to Hidekaz Himaruya, his height (as well as Chibitalia’s height) was revealed as being 7 apples tall (about 90cm or 3’0�). In the English dubbed version of the anime, he was given an Italian accent, which, as pointed out by fans, was historically inaccurate since he was of Germanic descent. In reality, either would suffice considering that the Holy Roman Empire was comprised of several countries and territories, all of different ethnic backgrounds, therefore, no single official language was ever recognized.