Also Known As:

  • Prime Minister

A large man with a demonic appearance, including a crown of horns that give the idea that they are growing out of his head. He manipulates Emperor Makoto and runs the Empire behind the scenes this way. He is the primary antagonist of the series, and hates Night Raid and the Revolutionary Army strongly. He is often shown eating. He cares very little for anything and will do anything to maintain his own power. It is stated that Emperor Makoto only won the battle of succession due to the Prime Minister's influence and planning. The Prime Minister before him was Chouri. A man that was a kindhearted but strong will. A strong adviser to the former emperor, who desired to return to the capital to stop the decline of the empire. When the Prime Minister became aware of this he had Esdeath's force's (The "Three Beasts") to kill him. He is known to have one son named Syura who is currently the leader of the secret police Wild Hunt, and he is also known to have one blood relative named Iwokaru, who was killed by Night Raid.