Honoka Takamiya

多華宮 仄

The male protagonist of the story, he is basically a weakling with no special powers and lives a very boring life, he often gets bullied by Ayaka's fan club members. After his encounter with Kuraishi, he founds out that Ayaka has been secretly protecting him from the evil "Tower Witches" all the time, and from there on Ayaka has to always accompany him wherever he goes and has even kept him from being bullied by her unofficial fan club. Later on he has asked Ayaka to teach him how to use magic, which she reluctantly did. He is mainly being protected by Kagari and the Workshop Witches from the Tower Witches because of the "White Stuff" within him. In chapter 8, his "white stuff," Evermillion (known as the "White Princess"), is released by Takamiya eating the medicine given by Chronoire in chapter 5. It is revealed in chapter 9 and 10 that Takamiya is essentially the vessel of Evermillion's power.