Horizon Ariadust


Also Known As:

  • P-01s

A cybernetic doll that works at the Blue Thunder bakery. She strongly resembles a girl killed ten years ago. As an automaton, P-01s is unable to portray emotions by using facial expressions and she demonstrates perfect logical thinking. Regardless, she is a kind girl who loves doing what she likes. She also cares for Tori, although she tends to treat him rudely because her logical thinking dictates that she needs to feel annoyed at Toori's antics towards her. Originally Lord Motonobu Matsudaira's daughter and Toori's childhood friend Horizon Ariadust, an accident abruptly took her life at a young age and she was reborn as an automaton whose true identity was kept a secret until the final moments of Mikawa before its destruction. She is the bearer of the Mortal Sin Armament Ólos Phthonos, the most valuable of the nine Mortal Sin Armaments as its "unification operating system".