Hotaru Shidare

枝垂 ほたる

Birthday: July 26th
Sign: Leo

A girl from the city whose father owns a world famous sweets company. Since she will one day inherit the company, she desires to make it the best sweets company in the world. She is often amazed by Kokonotsu's uncanny ability to create and design the perfect sweets without even trying.

Hotaru came to the sweets shop to hire Kokonotsu's father who is actually very well-known. However when he refused, she found out he would not leave until Kokonotsu was guaranteed to take his place as head of the store. She was horrified when she discovered Kokonotsu's natural talent would go to waste so she struck a bargain with his father: if she could convince Kokonotsu to become the head of the store, then his father would immediately join her father's company.