Housuke (ホウスケ) is an African Collared Scops Owl that Saaya found in a cardboard box. As her parents won't let her keep it at home, she asks the Sket Dan to let it live in the clubroom. When she found him, he was injured and couldn't fly, and eventually Bossun agrees to keep him in the clubroom, at least until the wounds have healed. Though Switch says that owls are difficult to raise, the group soon discovers that such is far from the case with H�suke. When he doesn't seem willing to fly despite having healed, Bossun and Saaya leave him outside during the night and watch from a window. He eventually does take off, but returns soon after - carrying a figurine Switch had lost. Later, H�suke takes up residence on Switch's limited edition cynical stick, much to the former's chagrin. (source: SKET Dance Wikia)