Houtou Shigen

鳳統 士元/雛里 (ひなり)

Also Known As:

  • Hinari

Visual Novel A new character in the sequel, Shin Koihime Mus�. Shuri's closest friend, who's almost always with her, and even shares her hobby of reading perverted books. Her outfit resembles that of a witch. She is also sometimes refer as the "Awawa Strategist." Anime Version Houtou is first introduced in episode 10 of Shin Koihime Musou as another of Shibaki's students. When Shuri returns to visit Shibaki, Houtou becomes jealous of the relationship between the two as she felt Shuri was taking her mother figure away from her. But after a talk to sort out the misunderstanding between her and Shuri, Houtou revealed she never hated Shuri since she wanted to know more about her. Since then, both of them have become friends and have written each other frequently. Shuri has gotten Houtou into her hobby of reading perverted books, somewhat different than in the visual novel when they shared the hobby from the beginning. (Source: Wikipedia)