Ichigo Hoshimiya

星宮 いちご

Age: 13-14 (Season 1), 15-16 (Season 2), 16-17 (Season 3) Blood type: O Birthday: March 15 Sign: Pisces Favorite food: Nori bento Good luck charm: Rice scoop Ichigo is one of the main characters, and a student of Starlight Academy. She is cheerful and has a cute personality; her choice in her cards reflects this. Her favorite brand of cards is Angely Sugar. Ichigo was a middle school freshman. After seeing Mizuki's performance, she get's inspired and joins Starlight Academy, which is the beginning of her idol career. She's a complete novice, yet she is optimistic and works hard to become the top idol. She does not have much knowledge of the entertainment world, so she always has her best friend, Aoi Kiriya teach her. Ichigo is a cheerful girl and is always willing to help others. She often spaces out, but is friendly and caring like her mother, Ringo. However, she often pushes herself to her limits and is a bit naive. Her personality is known to most as one of the moe types. She wishes to become a top idol together with her best friend Aoi Kiriya. Many parts of the series focuses on Ichigo learning lessons, her optimism and hardworking personality being the two qualities she relies on. She is noted on many occasions to be the main heroine of the show but often does not realize this herself. As of Episode 37, Ichigo and Aoi were put into the idol unit "Soleil" (Soleil means sun in French). Ran quits Tristar and joins them later in the same episode. She leaves for America after the 1st season. In Episode 91, Ichigo is announced to be in Aikatsu8, the unit of the top 8 idols. In Episode 93, Ichigo and Seira form a unit called 2wingS. In Episode 146, Ichigo makes it into the second generation of Aikatsu8. (Source: Wikia)