Ichiro Hanada

花田 一路

Also Known As:

  • I-chan

The main character of the series. A bratty kid who can see spirits after a near death experience, which is exposed in the first episode. After the incident, he had to shave his head in order to do the surgery. For some reason his hair won't grow back. The spirits are coming to him one after another asking for help. At first he is unwilling to help them, but after they scary him a little or follow him all the time, he finally decides to help them. Ichiro seems to be a very rude and noisy kid, who swears a lot on everyone, even on his own mother and that might be disturbing to many viewers. Surprisingly he has a good kid side too. After all, he has helped many ghosts in many, really tough ways, which were really painful for adult not to mention that he endured them as a kid. He goes through a lot of personal trials in the midst of all this, slowly but surely learning not to be such a little monster. He learns a different lesson on life from each adventure with a spirit, which help him grow up.