Ichiro Ogami


Place of Origin: Tochigi, Japan Martial Talents: Kenjutsu, twin-sword-style Seiyū: Akio Suyama American voice: Brian Gaston (ADV Films), Dave Wittenberg (credited as Dave Lelyveld) (Bandai/Geneon, FUNimation for the Sumire OVA), Daniel Katsük (FUNimation for Sakura Wars: Ecole de Paris) Koubu-Kai/Jinbu/Tenbu/Koubu Nishiki Unit/Koubu-F/Koubu-F2: Color: White Weapon: Two �tachi (medium-length Japanese swords) Birthdate: January 3, 1903 Age: 19 (SW1); 22 (SW3) Height: 176 cm (5'9") Weight: 65 kg Blood Type: A He was chosen to head the Hanagumi when he proved himself capable during a test of a Koubu prototype at sea. Kayama was with him during that time, but eventually Ōgami was sent to work with the Hanagumi, as Kayama worked with the Tsukigumi. In the TV series, he temporarily assumed the role of Assistant Commander. From Wikipedia