Ikkyu Hosakawa


Position: Split End / Cornerback Jersey Number: 33 2nd Year Student (Grade 11) 40-yard-dash: 4.9 seconds (Backwards) Bench-press: 65 kg Ikkyu is the only person who has an attitude like Monta. By the look of him, no one should be intimidated, but his true skill lies in his running technique. He has the record of 4.9 seconds in the 40-yard-dash while running backwards, making him the best cornerback in the Kanto Zone. He is the only player on the Nagas that Agon has any respect for, since he is considered a genius. He has great respect for Agon and is probably the only one on the team who doesn't fear him and actually looks forward to playing with him. Ikkyu is proud of his jumping and catching ability. He tells Unsui that no one can beat him on air. However, Kanto's best cornerback is nothing compared to Japan's best linebacker- Shin proves this to him in his first match against him. Ikkyu peppers his speech with the inflection oni, which is used as an emphatic phrase. It is usually translated as "completely." He is always bullied by his teammates because he gets more remarks than they do. Ikkyu is one of the nicer, more friendly players on the team, but that doesn't make him any less serious when game time comes. He's considered a genius with high-jump catches. (Source: Wikipedia)