Also Known As:

  • Comrade Turbinski

Classification: Zangyaku Choujin→ Seigi Choujin Homeland: Russia Height: 227 cm Weight: 176 kg Choujin Kyodo: 1,200,000 Power Trademark Techniques: Death Samolyót, The Turbulence Tag Teams: Fireball Flying Fogey Squad (Barrierfreeman) First Appearance: Manga Chapter 120, Anime Episode ? Submitted by: Tomoki Isomura (磯æ�‘知起) of Tokyo as Sky Captain. A Robo Chojin (ロボ超人, Cyborg Superman) from Russia. With his Aircraft Genetic (飛行機é�ºä¼�å­�) he has the ability to transform into various types of aircraft during battle. This ability also allows him to fly. Vladimir Putin is shown to be a big fan of his, personally arriving to support him during Chojin Olympics: The Resurrection. During the final preliminary, the Three Legged Race, he was paired with Meat Alexandria. Meat would later save him from crashing into the ground and receiving a career-ending injury after his loss to Kevin Mask. Because of this, he is closer to Meat than he is any other character. During his first appearance he is portrayed as a merciless Zangyaku Chojin who kills many chojin, but he reappears during the Demon Seed Arc as an Idol Chojin. From then on he is always with Mantaro Kinniku and the others as one of the Seigi Chojin. (Source: Kinnikuman Wiki)