Ingrid Sorveig Sorgrims

イングリッド ソルヴェイク ソルグリムス

Also Known As:

  • Great Sage
  • Ini

Nicknamed Ini (イニ?) by Asuha, Ingrid is the only living most intelligent being in the world, and knows almost everything since she is always reading books and discovering new things. She has a rabbit door hanger and you need to put something that solves with the riddle. She has grown a liking for Naoya because near the end of episode 7 she kisses Naoya in the lips in front of a delighted Asuha and a surprisingly jealous Lotte. In the manga, her kiss with Naoya followed with her confession of love for him, thereby claiming herself as Naoya's lover to Lotte's extreme jealousy. Ingrid is only 7 years old, while she claims that the 300-year-old sage is her father, who died five years prior to the story. She also narrated in the manga that her father performed a memory transfer onto her brain when she was younger, therefore claiming that her father's knowledge is also her knowledge.