Isaku Zenpouji

善法寺 伊作

Age: 15 Class: Year 6, Class Ha Committee: Health Committee chairman He is a nice, friendly and caring student who has a personality akin to a gentle big brother. However, he's most known for his incredibly bad luck. Not only is he the current chairman of the famously unlucky Health Committee, he's been assigned to it every year since first grade. As such, his bad luck is so strong by now that it even affects people not in the committee when they're in close proximity to him, with people such as his roommate Kema Tomesaburou being a frequent victim. Bad luck aside, he's very knowledgeable about medicine and takes his committee duties very seriously. He makes a point of always treating anyone injured, be they ally or enemy. One of the people he's treated is Tasogaredoki ninja team leader Zatto Konnamon, who considers himself in debt to Isaku and something of an ally of the Health Committee ever since.