Ito appears in episode 17, "Pickers of Empty Cocoons." Due to her ability to see Mushi, she is apprenticed at a young age by a man who uses a particular mushi's ability to pass through space. An unfortunate turn of fate traps her in the world of these mushi, however... After a hanging sheet from the laundry flew over her and landed on her while she slept an Urru crept into the space. An Urru in a concealed space will flee at a moment's notice upon discovery and when her sister lifted the sheet it pulled her into the Urru dimension that travels space. Normally people lost in these spaces are never seen again because of the great sizes of the Urru caverns. At the end of the episode she emerges from a spool of silk that someone had been working on in another area of the mountains. To the surprise of the spinner of the silk she emerges with a piece of paper telling where she lives and how to get there. She is reunited with her sister and hasn't changed over the years she was missing, by which she hasn't aged since she dissapeared.