Ito Suzuno


Ito is a 14-year-old cool girl that can feel the "heat" of the music. Her style is cool and her main color is purple. Ito doesn't like people calling her name; instead, she prefers the nickname "Cross." Her catchphrase is "Intense!". She knows how to apply make-up on and always keeps a purple Prism Stone in her pocket (a present from her mother). Ito can play more than one instrument (mostly electric guitar) and often dresses like a stereotypical boy would. Ito's mother taught her how to play piano when she was young. Her parents are divorced. She is in the same class with Naru and Ann. Ito becomes the stylist of the make-up corner at "Prism Stone" in Episode 3. Her Prism Live Instrument is the keyboard. Ito's first Prism Live was in Episode 3 and she gained her wings in Episode 19. Ito's wings evolved in episode 41 along with Otoha. Ito's My Song is called "BT37.5" and was first heard in Episode 6. She formed a unit with Otoha in Episode 37 to be able to participate in the duo-only competition, Winter White Session. Their unit song is called "ALIVE" and was first heard in Episode 37. She successfully performs four consecutive Prism Jumps in Episode 41 along with Otoha. She also performs six consecutive Prism Jumps in Episode 47. Her Seventh Coord fully evolves in the same episode. In Episode 50, Ito gains her Cool Rainbow Crown. In Episode 51, she and her family become a rock band alongside Koji, with Ito as lead vocalist. (Source: Wikipedia)