She is the head of the Defense Organization Against Outer Objects aka "DOGOO." She lived around the year 248 BC in early Japan, she becomes DOGOO's underling after her village was ravage by a tribal war.She has lived almost two millennium, which most of her life time was spend on stasis in a special plasma incubator, where from every hundred years or so she would be awaken to select a suitable candidate from any historical figures whom DOGOO has interest with to gather their genes for the "E Gene" project, though, she serves the latter as its underling, there are times that she questions the latter's choice of people especially when DOGOO has selected Oda Nobunaga for the "E Gene" project where upon strongly opposing DOGOO's choice she ran away with Saint Germain and temporary lived a normal and peaceful life until she ages. She returned to DOGOO after her town where she lived with Saint Germain was burned to the ground during a war. It is suggested that she an Ainu, an indigenous people who inhabited the Japan thousands of years before the "children of the sun" came- referring to the Japanese of today who have come from China and other parts of Asia. It is also suggested that she used to a village shaman who was suppose to predict her village's fortune, it was also the reason why DOGOO has selected her to be its underling.