Izumi Higa


Also Known As:

  • Ashikabi of the East

The manipulative Ashikabi controlling the eastern part of the city, he is shown to be rather amoral, having no qualms about forcing other Sekirei into obeying him and turning them against each other with carefully constructed lies, his motives hint that he may be intending to take over MBI. He apparently doesn't tolerate his Sekirei disobeying him. He appears to be blackmailing Uzume, forcing her to do his bidding by holding her Ashikabi, Chiho, hostage. In addition there are rumors suggesting that he has a large number of personal Sekirei, Higa also has several Ashikabi (with their own respective Sekirei) that serve under him. Recently, Higa has confronted Yukari and Shiina with several of his Sekirei and Ashikabi. His Sekirei incapacitate Shiina and Higa takes Yukari prisoner (also asking her to marry him). When Yukari berates him for breaking the rules of the Sekirei Plan, Izumi simply remarks that he has no interest in being associated with such a 'farce'.[47] During the third match of the third stage, he meets Minato, and asks him to join forces against the MBI, which he declines. Then stating that they're both too stubborn (referencing both Minato and Yukari)