Also Known As:

  • Heat Guy J

Name: J Status: Android Age: 3 Rank: Special Forces Android Unit Weight: 300 kg Sex: n/a J ( ジェイ, Jei?) (also known as "Heat Guy J") - Special Services Android, 3, Appearance of a 40-year-old Man * Voiced by: Takayuki Sugo (Japanese), Bob Papenbrook (English) An android with incredible power, J was created in cooperation between a government facility and a civilian enterprise; androids are illegal in Judoh, but a special exception is made for J, much to the dismay of wary city officials.. Despite his hulking size, J can run at enormous speeds and packs a powerful punch. However, after prolonged bouts of action, J must cool himself down by venting a great deal of superheated air from pipes mounted on his shoulders. J is maintained by the Civilian Enterprises Sect technician Antonia Bellucci. It is said that J is modeled after Antonia's father. This is probably why J seems to be so human sometimes, with a noble character and strong beliefs on things like how a man should act. (Wikipedia)