Jackal Kuwahara

ジャッカル 桑原

Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chuu 3rd Year Class: 3-I #12 Birthday: 3rd November (Scorpio) Height: 178cm Weight: 69kg Blood Type: O Dominant Hand: Right Play Style: Counter Puncher Shoes: NEW BALANCE CT 554 (GRAY) Racket: HEAD i.x5 Special Move: Positive Defence Favourite Food: Coffee, Roasted Meat Hobby: Horse-Riding Family: Father, Mother Father's occupation: Unemployed (Searching) Favourite Subject: English Often visited place in school: staff room, reference room Favourite Colour: Red Preferred type: Charming and fair-skinned girls Jackal is a half-Japanese, Half-Brazilian player who serves as the wall of defense of Rikkai dai. He usually is on a look out on Rikkai's ace player, Kirihara Akaya, and at times takes responsibility for the sophomore's actions. He plays doubles with Marui Bunta.