Also Known As:

  • Jeager

Height: 187cm/6'1", Weight: 93kg/206.67lbs, Choujin Power: 950,000. Brocken Jr.'s German pupil, first introduced as a member of Generation EX. His nickname is "Berlin's Green Arrow", as he wears a green uniform and bicyclist's helmet. An orphan, he was raised by an elderly couple, who were subsequently slain by a trio of anti-superhuman thugs. This incident was what inspired Jade to seek Brocken's guidance in becoming a champion for those unable to defend themselves. (In the English dub of the anime, he is later revealed to be Brocken's son, though this is not the case in the English manga.) Jade's ultimate attack is Brocken's "The Red Rain of Pain" (a.k.a. "Red Rain of Berlin", a chop-like attack capable of cutting right through a superhuman's body). According to Brocken, it works on the principle of "cutting the flesh to cut the meat, cutting the meat to cut the bone, cutting the bone to cut the core". However, Jade's version differs from Brocken's in that Jade actually causes a blade to protrude from his hand before slashing, and his hand/arm is usually engulfed in flames before he delivers the attack. Jade's second favourite move is the "Beefcake Hammer", where he shifts behind the opponent, raises one of his opponent's legs and crosses the opponent's arms around it before executing a leaping suplex. In a grueling concrete deathmatch, Jade is defeated by Scarface in Maui, Hawaii, and fails to enter the finals. Though Scarface twists off Jade's right arm, it is later reattached. He later participates in the Chojin Crown. Unfortunately, he suffers another defeat, this time to yet another dMp member in disguise; Ricardo. wikipedia