Jaina Eisenstein


Nationality: Kazakhstan Age: 18 Height: 161 cm Weight: 49 kg Surgery Base: Pachyrhynchus Infernalis Weevil Favorite food: vegetables Dislikes: anything that's really big She hails from a small village in Kazakhstan. She advanced through college at a young age and went to study abroad in America with a government grant. However, her parents and village took all of the money that was for her schooling, leaving her with a massive debt when she returned from finishing her studies, leading her with no recourse but to join the Bugs II mission. The DNA used in Jaina's Bug Procedure came from the Pachyrhynchus Infernalis Weevil. When activated, her Insect Form granted her thick armor plating on her arms which is able to withstand bullets. (Source: Terra Formars Wikia)