Also Known As:

  • Drill sword

An offensive fighter holding the rank of number nine in the seventy eight generation. Her trademark ability is twisting her arm, then releasing the energy into one powerful thrust. Honorable and serious, she is well respected and said to be one of the most powerful Claymores. When Riful tortures Jean in order to make her join her army of awakened beings to fight Isley of the North, her body awakens but her mind remains human. She asks Clare, who was sent by Galatea to rescue her, to kill her so she can die as a human being. But Clare manages to save Jeans life and helps her to regain her human form. Since then Jean considers her life Clare's to use and stays on her side, so when the organization asked Clare to go fight in the north battle, she followed her. Jean ended up killed during this battle after paying her debt to Clare, by using her last strength to help Clare regain her human form after her body had completely awoken.