Jean Jacques Mondo


Jean Jacquemonde is a French Spriggan operator who is based in ARCAM's French branch. His werewolf appearance is mainly due to use of ancient biotechnology that gave him the ability to shapeshift into one. During his time with the Spriggans, he actively assists Yu Ominae in battling enemies of the ARCAM Corporation from Turkey all the way to the forests of Japan fighting Machiner's Platoon soldiers to brainwashed COSMOS child soldiers. In his first appearance in Turkey, Jean has his first werewolf transformation when Little Boy riddles him with a barrage of bullets. Eventually killing his assailant in his werewolf stage Jean overcomes platoons of Machiner's Platoon soldiers sent to stop him. When Jean is deployed in a mission to Romania, he confronts his father who told him of his heritage. In an operation in Ecuador, Jean is severely wounded by Oboro and left for dead. Fortunately for Jean, Percup Ramdi performs an operation that manages to heal Jean of his wounds and further acceleterate his rate of self-healing. In a mission to prevent COSMOS from extracting Rie Yamabishi to the US, Jean stormes a US Army base in Japan along with Yu and Oboro. However, they are unable to prevent COSMOS forces from escaping. Jean, grudgingly, teams up with Iwao Akatsuki and Bo Brantz, two of ARCAM's most fearsome enemies in sabotaging a Trident operation when Larry Markson attempted to harness the power of the South Pole Shrine in order to take control of the world. With Bo's death, the three took on Larry's forces before they are able to get rid of the Fire Snake with the help of Yoshino Somei, Rie Yamabishi and other ARCAM personnel who were forced to assist Trident in gaining access to the fiery artifact. (Source: Wikipedia)