Jean Roque Lartigue


Birthday: April 1 Like Nadia, Jean is fourteen and an orphan, but he has a completely different personality and interests. He is very generous, patient, friendly, and devoted to the things he loves, which are his friends and the love for science. He is also genius inventor, in fact he is capable of creating complex machines at a very young age. Despite being somewhat awkward when it comes to social graces around the opposite sex, Jean is genuinely well-behaved and is nice to everyone--even Gargoyle finds something to admire about his courage and cleverness. He becomes Nadia’s closest friend, and later on, her lover, as a result of the unlikely relationship that develops between them over the course of their around-the-world adventure. Constantly loyal to Nadia, his compassion slowly transforms her as a person, inspiring her to be trusting and faithful in others.