Also Known As:

  • Janes

The Dogishuan Representative for Earth who provides the Japanese government with their technology, which is apparently illegal in the galactic community. Extremely irate with the Catians presence on Earth, she uses all her resources, including using human militaries, to try and destroy the Catians or at least force them to leave. Tends to use many cat and dog themed phrases in her speech. (dog-gone, cat-nap, etc.) She first launches an attack to destroy Antonia's ship while fighting Aoi in her own power suit, revealing her presence to the Catians in the process. When Dogishuan mechs sabotage the Catian mothership, Jens uses her political power over Earth's governments to make them shut down their space programs so that Kio and co. can't get into space to help. After they find a way into space, Jens attacks their ship with her fleet or UFO fighters. After an intense battle with Eris, Aoi and Manami, Jens' craft is badly damaged and crashes into the Dagishuan railgun satillite, presumably killing her.