Age: 16? Special Skills: Cook and bottle washer Jessica who is a Scarron's daughter, is the draw at the pub run by her father. She is Siesta's first cousin on her maternal side, and she is also descended from a Japanese pilot. Also according to Saito in Season 2, she has the biggest breasts in the pub, to Louise's demise, punished her "stupid dog". Like Siesta, she seems to be fond of Saito and would also use her breasts to charm him. In an episode of Season 3, she and her father, Scarron, also helped out Siesta with Saito by dressing her up in only an apron and setting Siesta up with Saito. In the very same episode Jessica gave Siesta a love potion, Siesta accidentally dropped it off the window, and Montmorency (who had an accident with love potions in season 1) accidentally sniffed. Montmorency fell in love with the first person she saw, which was Louise, trying to sneak up on Saito and Siesta. Montmorency kissed Louise and infected her with the same effect the potion had. Louise saw Jessica come down the stairs and Louise fell in love with her, by first fondling over the Jessica's big breasts and then infecting her with the love potion. Finally as they all infected a lot of girls in the school, Tiffania managed to snap them all out with a "forget" spell. During the last few episodes of the Anime Series, she and her Father managed to give the "rescue party" of Tabitha, some disguises, which were circus costumes, and belly dancing outfits.