Jihan Radin Tidat

Also Known As:

  • Nagaraja

* First appearance: Battle 176 * Age: 18 * Type: Sei * Type: Satsujin Ken * Yomi Symbol: King * Martial Art: Pencak Silat Radin Tidat Jihan is a former member of Yomi, the former disciple of Silcardo Jenazad, the older brother of Radin Tidat Lona, and a practitioner of Pencak Silat. Jihan is the Crown Prince of Tidat, a fictional country situated on the Indonesia Archipelago. Jihan is a young handsome dark-skinned man with long wavy black hair tied in the back. He typically wears the clothes of his country of Tidat that rap over his body like a type of cloth and has a decorative sash raped around his upper body and wears royal jewelry to show off his royalty. When fighting Kenichi, he was seen bare footed. Not much of Jihan's past is known except that he grew up in a palace and enjoyed a luxurious life. Since he was the prince, the country's people would always let him win, bowing their heads to him either in respect or in fear. Jihan tried to be fair but his awareness of this enormous distinction of status led to his current royalist personality. Coming from royalty, Jihan acts in an aristocratic manner and particularly despises revolutionists. Claiming 99.9% of the world's population are made up of worthless commoners, he ranks himself, and surprisingly Miu (The Invincible Superman's granddaughter), to be the 0.1% who will achieve royalty and reign over the commoners. Jihan has a lot of followers who are concerned about his safety but doesn't seem to care about anything other than using them to pull attacks or cause distractions in his fight against Kenichi. He sees Kenichi as a revolutionist who is fighting against his own destiny as a commoner. It is interesting to note that his loyalty to his master and the Satsujin Ken cause has precedence over his royalty, as Jihan plans to kill Miu as a Katsujin Ken practitioner instead of preserving her as one of the few who will achieve royalty. His loss at the hands of Kenichi seems to have mellowed him out somewhat, as he's seen to be more caring and less arrogant, as he finally acknowledged Kenichi's skills as a fighter. Though he still has a habit of calling Kenichi a commoner at times, he apologized for his rude behavior saying he shouldn't talk like that even though he said Kenichi is a commoner, prompting Kenichi to notice he had "grown up" a little, but was still the same at the core. He's even developed a sense of humor, going as far as to laugh about how he survived the avalanche and owning three companies of the restaurant he helped work at. Jihan is also immensely prideful, as he refuses the help of outsiders or commoners. It is because of his pride that nearly cost him his life at the hand of his master Jenazad and how he refused help from Kenichi when the latter tried to save his life from the avalanche. His reason is that no matter what, he is a King and does not need any help from anyone. His defeat and having to work for the very man who showed him mercy for the first time in his life helped him lose his prideful and arrogant self into a more caring and respectful man. He's also a man who knows when to repay debts he knows he owes others, such as when he was saved from starvation, he worked at the restaurant that saved him for six months to help them in any way he could and helped there shop become a huge success with several in a chain of work. He cares very deeply about he's little sister saying that he burdened her with a lot of hardships. He care's about his people also, as he stopped them from fighting and stopping Colonel Gaja from shooting himself by slapping the gun out of his hands, with the words "I know your loyalty well you strayed from your path only because I wasn't in the Country. I Forgive You." Even though Jenazad tried to kill him, Jihan mourned his death and stated he respected him as his master and as a father figure and shed a lone tear over his death.