The protagonist of the series, Jil is a young adventurer who dreams of reaching the top of the Tower of Druaga. He is strong willed, determined and as seen in the first episode has deep fantasies about being a revered champion. He is a defensive class: Guardian and initially uses a shield with a protractable spike in one hand and any make-shift weapon he could find in the other (usually a stick). Along with his original shield, he later uses a sword given to him by King Gilgamesh. Despite being an inexperienced Climber, Jil is a decent fighter and after joining Kaaya and Ahmey's party, he does his best to support the group in combat. Jil also seems to resemble a young Gilgamesh as seen in Gilgamesh's flashback in episode 3. In the same flashback Gilgamesh was called Gil, a variant name of Jil.