Cell Games Announcer


Also Known As:

  • Cell Games Announcer

Jimmy Firecracker is the ZTV announcer who gave a play-by-play of the Cell Games. Jimmy Firecracker is presented as an extremely biased and partisan interviewer, as at the start of the Cell Games, he staunchly believes that Mr. Satan is the strongest being on the planet, and downplays the Z Fighters as though they are nothing, particularly Goku, after he tries to warn Mr. Satan that he might get killed by Cell. In spite of his flaws, however, Firecracker is also a rather brave man, shown when he is virtually the only man with enough courage to cover the Cell Games despite the danger of merely being present, and even attempts to interview Cell personally, backing off only when Cell refuses to speak to him. Though gullible like the rest of the majority of the Earth's populace, Firecracker appears to change his opinion about Mr. Satan and the Z Fighters after the tournament, since it took him a while to believe Mr. Satan when the latter claimed he beat Cell single-handedly. (Source: Dragon Ball Wikia)