Jinnai Yodogiri

澱切 陣内

The head of the entertainment company to which Hijiribe Ruri belongs. He is also an information broker whose ability and slyness exceeds Izaya. He hired Awakusu-kai assassins to murder Ruri, whom he knew to have Dullahan blood and to be the superhuman serial killer Hollywood. The assassination ended in failure. Shiki blamed Yodogiri for not telling them about Ruri's true identity and sought retaliation, but by Yodogiri had already disappeared. Later, Yodogiri commissioned Vorona and Slon to kidnap Awakusu Akane, but they were thwarted by Shizuo, who rescued Akane. Knowing Izaya had sent Masaomi and Saki to collect information on him, Yodogiri stealthily approached and stabbed Izaya, sending him to recuperate in a hospital. Later revelations show that Yodogiri is held accountable for actually much more than what is currently known of him. It's revealed in vol.8 that Yodogiri was in fact the one who sold Saika to Shingen, gave him informations about the Dullahan, and coaxed him into stealing Celty's head. Yodogiri is wanted by both the police and Awakusu-kai, but he manages to evade all searches for him by constantly changing his appearance and voice.