Jinny Golding

Jinny is a girl at Yuu's school in America. It appears that she falls almost instantly in love with him as soon as she sees him. Michael's brother, Brian is in love with Jinny and is jealous of Yuu at once. Jinny has told him time and time again that she doesn't want to date him and that she barely considers him to be a friend. Jinny is similar to Arimi in that she is going to go after him and not stop until she gets him. She is a lot more aggressive and forward, though, than Arimi ever was. She lets it be know that just because Yuu has kissed Miki doesn't mean that they are dating. She implies that it takes a lot more to be boyfriend/girlfriend. Yuu puts up with her because she part of the people that he hangs out with. He in no way encourages her. In fact, he is very stern with her in episode 60. Jinny reaches the depth of evil to all Miki and Yuu fans in episode 61 where she basically breaks Miki's heart and Yuu isn't there to pick up the pieces. When Bill finds out what she has done in a couple episodes after this, he is so mad that he slaps her. Bill, by the way, is Yuu's roommate. Jinny apologies to Yuu but he is gentle with her saying that what happened between him and Miki was their fault, not hers. She lays off him for a while. Jinny's best friend and roommate, Doris is there for Jinny throughout the series. She is like the big sister trying to keep the little sister out of trouble. Doris means stability to Jinny. Jinny is strikingly beautiful, down to having an elfish appearance that is done very well where as Doris would be described as the "girl next door". This is one friendship that will survive anything. Eventually, Jinny encourages Yuu to go back to Japan and get Miki back. When Miki comes to Japan for the second time, Jinny is a real friend to her. Jinny ends up dating a very unlikely guy.