Also Known As:

  • Vongola Rain Akita
  • Cane di Pioggia

Box Type: Animal Attribute: Rain Size: 65cm Personality: Friendly and sociable Skill: Special merit, drawing swords, rending with teeth, begging, sitting up, waiting in front of food till master says "eat," throwing swords Manga Debut: Chapter 240 Anime Debut: Episode 167 Yamamoto's Dog. The Rain Akita is one half of Yamamoto's Rain Vongola Box, with The Rain Swallow making the other half, and is named Jirou. This dog wields 3 "short" Rain Blades with blades made of Rain Flames. Yamamoto can use these as a form of propulsion, much like Tsuna's Gloves, or in combat to slow down his opponent's attacks using the rain flame's Tranquility trait. The Rain Akita Ver. Vongola is a reconstructed Rain-element dog for Yamamoto's use only. Made by Vongola's newest technology. Jirou is still young, so his work is simply carrying Yamamoto's three short swords at the moment. Has exceptional basic abilities, so one can expect much more from its adult form. His name supposedly came from Karahutoinu Jiro, very famous antarctic dogsled dog. Asari Ugetsu Short Blade Jirou has shown the ability to at least wield at least one of Yamamoto's short blades. So far, he hasn't been shown yet to be able to fight with it in battle. (Source: Reborn Wikia)