Also Known As:

  • The Angel from Hell

Silver hair, red eyes, carries twin Desert Eagles and is known as "The Angel from Hell." She has superhuman abilities from her artificial creation, usually followed by the appearance of a purple glowing tattoo on her left arm and shoulder blade. They resemble wings and are often called "The Wings of the Devil" and will glow when Jo is put under a lot of stress when fighting. Jo also puts Meg over anything else, which she stated when telling Meg that she fights for her only. When she is not fighting, she enjoys watching horror or gore related movies. Ending spoiler: Jo would eventually rediscover her past as a genetically engineered war machine in human form. After being forced to surrender with Meg and others held hostage, Jo returns to the secret labs for reprogramming and conditioning at RAPT R&D. Jo's counterpart, Maria, freed her to only prove who was the strongest; Jo managed to remove her will to defeat her and restores her true humanity. Jo realized that she has to destroy RAPT at the source all for all that has happened as well as help Sei. Meg was highly opposed to the idea after seeing her go through a lifetime of combat and feels it's not their problem. Jo knocks Meg out, bids her farewell and leaves her communicator and jacket behind for her to remember by. After fighting their way into RAPT HQ, Jo destroyed RAPT's most powerful bio-tech brain and the whole building collapses. It is unknown whether Jo survived the explosion or not. (Source: Wikipedia)