Joachim Mizrahi

Joachim Mizrahi, the ex-husband of Juli Mizrahi, was one of the most revolutionary scientists in the known galaxy, mostly known for his groundbreaking work with Realians. He was the greatest advocate for the creation of the 100-series observational Realian, the prototype being MOMO, who was modeled after his late daughter Sakura. Mizrahi was also denounced as a mass murderer, blamed for introducing the galaxy to the scourge of Gnosis. However, a mysterious group known as the Ormus Society had framed Mizrahi for that, as well as the disappearance of Miltia into The Abyss (it is believed that the Y-Data, locked away in MOMO, may have the proof of Mizrahi's innocence). Mizrahi died in T.C. 4753, the year the Miltian Conflict began.