Job Truniht

ヨブ トリューニヒト

Rank: Civilian Occupation: High Council Member (Secretary of Defense) Alternate Spellings: Jobe, Trunicht Group Affiliation: Free Planets Alliance Base of Operations: Strategical Planning Center on Planet Heinessen Marital Status: Single First Appearance: MOVIE "My Conquest is the Sea of Stars" Hair: Light Brown Age: Mid 40's History: In 788UC, a promising young politician gained the attention of the public and became a member of the National Defense Committee. Job is a politician all the way. Like most of his kind, he acts more out of his own interest and gain than the interest of people. Job projects that the war being fought is a holy one, against the evil of the Galactic Empire. He is also known to run or have connections with the Patriotic Knight Corps.