John Welthork


Nationality: Australian Age: 24 Height: 180 cm Weight: 88 kg Surgery Base: Great Diving Beetle (Dytiscus Marginalis) Favourite food: fried silk moth Dislikes: banks John Welthork an Australian member of the Bugs II mission who dreams of one day taking his grandmother on an overseas vacation. Prior to joining the Bugs II mission, John lived on a farm with his Grandmother, raising sheep as a living. However, an epidemic wiped out their entire flock, forcing John to join the Bugs II program in order to provide for his grandmother. When Thien suggested they examine the ship to see if it still functioned, John remained outside with Redon in order to keep watch. He and Redon were killed by Roaches that had stolen human firearms from the ship and had been lurking under it to ambush anyone that came near. John went trough Bug Procedure and received the Diving Beetle DNA to strengthen his body.