Age: Unknown Height: 184 cm Weapon: Alchemy Stigmata: Eye Birthday: March 8 Mondo's right hand man and official family adviser. Jolly is a master of alchemy and holds The Moon arcana. He is second in command, but many people feel uncomfortable around Jolly due to his cold ruthlessness. He is also condescending and looks down on others, which contributes further to his unpopularity. However, everyone recognizes and respects his top notch skills. He was hated very much by Luca, Pace and Debito, it is reveled in ep.8 that the their stigmata were a product of his creation and that they were once his experimental subject in a so called "Tarocco Contract" which deals with harnessing their Arcana powers. It was also reveled that Elmo a homunculus is his latest creation. (Source: Official HuneX website)