Jonathan Mar


Also Known As:

  • Jonah

A child soldier. His parents were killed by an airstrike by a F-22 Raptor. Picked up as a child soldier soon after this traumatic event. Despite his intense hatred of weapons, Jonah decides to work under the enigmatic arms dealer, Koko Hekmatyar. Though he is young, his skills on the battlefield are extraordinary and is frequently shown besting men much older than himself. He managed to slaughter an entire army base before being stopped by Chiquita. He is an expert in mountain combat. It is revealed that he made a contract with Kasper Hekmatyar, trading his combat skills for the safety of three orphans. Also, infrequently displays a childish nature. Is shown to dislike mathematics and science and excels at languages. He has stated that despite his past, he still loves the world. He is against senseless killing and nearly shot Koko because of her plan. His primary weapon in season 1 is an FN FNC and in season 2 it is the Magpul Masada.