Joseph Gustav Newton


Also Known As:

  • Joe

Nationality: Roma Federation Mars Ranking: #1 Age: 24 Height: 187 cm Weight: 99 kg Surgery Base: Unknown Eye color: clear blue Joseph Gustav Newton is from the Roma Federation and is an officer in Annex I. He was appointed as the leader of the Euro-African Squad #6 when they crashed on Mars. Joe was featured on TV with a nickname of "Speedy Joe." A popular 17-year-old High School Senior, who earned a gold medal in decathlon. It was a competition known as "The King of the Athletes." Afterwards he left track and field like any other high schooler. He took his entrance exams and got into E.U's best University. At the same time, he also attended an Air Force Command Academy, graduating with record-high grades. With his Master's Degree in Biology and Aerospace Engineering in hand, he became an Air Force officer. The way he so freely lived his life belies his talent and faith in that talent. That faith that he was the scion of the Newton Clan. His clan is selective breeding on humans whose on the top on their clan in the natural world base for 600 years. While his powers and base surgery are unknown, he is powerful enough to take on enough Terraformars to make a mountain-sized pile out of their bodies without transforming. His strength, speed and endurance is the result of of 600 years of selective breeding on human conducted by the Newton Clan. (Source: Terra Formars Wikia)