Joshua Phrygianos


A member of the Adepts, and a true rarity among them in that he is neither brutal nor prone to mass murder. As a Qwaser he is unlucky at best, as his element, roentgenium, is completely useless in combat due to its unbelievable short time activation of 3.5 microseconds, this caused his peers to pick and mistreat him due to his weakness. He is the eldest of five siblings and apparently lives in poverty. Initially described as a maniac who threatened girls, he tried to abduct Tomo and ended up helping her and cooking for her, but also tried to steal her Soma. However, he was overcome by guilt and shame, choosing to leave the Adepts behind him and living with his dear siblings. As for now, he is the only Qwaser of the Adept who didn't die at the hands of Sasha, even though the two of them met. (Source: Wikipedia)